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Teacher's viral idea is the best thing we've seen all day

Teacher Haley Curfman recently shared a gorgeous dress on social media, which instantly gathered thousands of likes and shares. Why was it so different? 

It was made by her 2nd grade students. 

“We don’t have art in our school, so, I always try to do little creative projects when possible,” Curfman told Scary Mommy.

As well as teaching in Blackwell Public Schools in Oklahoma, she manages The Weary Teacher, a teaching blog. 

Curfman uses the dress as a reward for those that finish their work on time: 

“I use the dress more as an incentive project. When they finish their work or have a little free time they can go draw. I set up a station at a table with the dress and the markers.”

And this year's version is stunning: 

Balancing the dress with school work means that it takes between two weeks to a month for the dress to be completed.  Curfman then surprises her students by wearing it to a school party. 

This is the second time Curfman has enlisted her students help to create a memory dress. Last year, she debuted it at the Christmas party. This year she strutted her stuff at the Valentines party. 

To make the dress even more special, she then puts it on display.

“Last year I entered our dress in the county fair and our class got a blue ribbon,” she explained. “I think I will do that again this year, so all the students can see it proudly hanging at the fair.”

She gets the dress for $20 from Amazon and grabs fabric markers from the supermarket. Her one rule is just to go where their imagination takes them. 

“I just tell them to draw things that make them happy. The only rule is to not ‘X’ things out. I teach 2nd grade and they like to mark things out and start over.”

Instead, she encourages kids to follow through with all their ideas.

“Having that rule is also why last years’ dress has a Stay Puft Marshmallow man that takes up the whole back.That’s what makes them great.”

The dress has been spreading all over social media, and other teachers are loving the idea. 

“I think other teachers think it’s creative and fun. All the teachers online seem to love it.”

Can she be our teacher too please?! 

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