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Teacher shares student's hilarious Marvel-inspired CV and you'll love it

One pupil has made our day with their hilarious CV inspired by a very special Marvel character.

Teacher, Jeffrey Davis took inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War when planning one of his lessons.

He explained that he asked his students to write a CV and a cover letter from the perspective of a Marvel character.

There are so many characters the children could have chosen, from Iron Man to Captain America and from Thor to Scarlet Witch.

The kids could have also chosen newer characters in the Marvel universe, like Black Panther or Spiderman.

Each project would be extremely unique and interesting, especially with so many different characters on offer.

The Texas teacher behind this wonderful assignment explained that one pupil really channelled the character they picked.

The pupil decided to write his letter as Groot and for those of you who don’t know, Groot only ever says “I am Groot.”

The teacher shared a snap of the pupil’s hilarious CV and he wrote “I am Groot” for every section, including his name, personal interests and education.

The entire cover letter just had the phrase “I am Groot” repeated again and again and again.


We aren’t the only ones who were impressed by the clever kid’s assignment. Mr Davis’ tweet has now gone viral with over 22,000 retweets and nearly 45,000 likes.

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