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'Sweet little girl': Watch as this 2-year-old hands out breakfast burritos to exhausted firefighters

Who says little girls can't make a big difference?

Gracie Lutz showed how she was the perfect example of this.

Clad in little boots, she was videoed handing out breakfast burritos to the hardworking firefighters who are currently battling the Carr wildfires in Northern California.

According to the Good News Network, the 2-year-old's two brothers, Kody and Colton, as well as her father Jerry, are dedicated firefighters who are working 24-hour shifts in an attempt to control the flames. 

Apparently, it was her brother Kody that mentioned he was desperate for a burrito earlier in the week, after a tough day of work. 

This gave Gracie and her mother Chesley the bright idea to give out burritos to the the men coming off of the night shift.

Chesley then uploaded the video of her daughter carrying out the good deed on Facebook and it has already gotten 1.6k likes, over 200 comments and 4.1k shares.

Speaking to CBS News about the firefighters, Chesley said that they, ''just wanted to show our support for them.''

People left comments on the heartwarming video that ranged from, ''sometimes it's the small things that truly count. Hands up to this family'' to ''I don't know you but this was awesome!! Great Job… those guys have it tough and I am sure your daughter helped to put a smile on their tired faces!!''

Other remarks included, ''sweet little girl with great Mom teaching her to appreciate and respect others.''

Chesley added, "we're just there to help," before revealing that herself and Gracie would be back next week to hand out spaghetti dinners to the CalFire crew.

Take a bow, little Gracie, you're a wonderful example to us all. 

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