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'So grateful': A simple phone call is lifting the spirits of millions of elderly people

A phone call sounds like something so simple, yet it can mean so much to certain people.

Particularly the elderly, who might not get many calls on a regular basis –  it can brighten up their day! 

One nonprofit organisation in California has logged 1.6 million calls, all thanks to it's  its Telephone Reassurance program. 

It is called Eskaton and it's been doing this amazing service for seniors for 50 years.

And these phone calls are not just a health check-up type of thing, but they actually give these seniors a chance to have a chat and socialise. 

Linda Whiteside, Telephone Reassurance program manager with Eskaton, explains the importance of daily conversation for elderly people. 

According to BizJournals, she says that, "older people who are lonely are more likely to develop dementia than their more socially connected peers. In fact, studies show loneliness has physical effects that are among the most problematic in modern medicine.''

"Social connections formed between volunteers and the 700 Telephone Reassurance participants go a long way to reduce health risks and bring peace of mind to seniors and their family members."

Ben is a senior who loves being part of the programme.

"I am so grateful that someone is calling me every day and checking on me. It lifts my spirits to know someone cares,'' he says. 

Staffed by volunteers, the program makes the calls seven days a week, 365 days a year.

"Come help us make a difference in the lives of older adults,'' Linda says.

"For some seniors, a call from one of our volunteers is the only conversation they'll have in a day."

It just shows how a simple phone call makes someone's day!

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