Big Kids

Sister gives the best side-eye as she pleads with her siblings to stop crying

Babies cry, that's what they do! 

And while some of us may think the sound is cute, not everyone is of the same opinion – like poor big sister Kamri. 

The youngster, who just became a proud older sister to twins Mila and Kolt, was sandwiched between them in the car when they started crying.

"Oh my gosh" she exclaims in the video posted to Facebook, a look of distress clearly crossing her face as the twins get louder. 

Not able to deal with the noise, the preschool says "this is horrible" as she tries to settle her brother and sister with her hands (obviously talking about the noise and not the babies). 

And when her mum asks why is it so horrible, she has the sweetest response ever: "My baby's crying." 

In the video posted to Facebook, the youngsters' parents (unsuccessfully) try to contain their laughter, especially when their daughter gives the best side-eye ever, shouting: "Stop it, guys". 

Well, to be fair, being stuck in the middle of two crying babies is not exactly a walk in the park. 

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