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Princess Eugenie is saving the ocean one wedding at a time

Princess Eugenie is making it a priority to take care of our planet.

And her first step is using her upcoming wedding on the 12th of October to influence people all over the world to make a change.

She proudly announced that her and her fiancée, Jack Brooksbank, are ensuring their wedding is an eco-friendly event.

Jack proposed to Eugenie in January, surprising her royalness by popping the question without a ring.

Since then the two have been raving about one another in interviews, absolutely antsy to finally tie the knot.

The Princess of York told BBC that her and Jack “have the same passions and drive for life.”

One of those shared passions is doing their part in preserving the environment. The happy couple have transformed their at-home lifestyle to be completely plastic-free.

“At the moment I'm picking up the mantle of anti-plastics, so I work with Project Zero which has just partnered with Sky Ocean Rescue.

“Together, they’re trying to end single-use plastic. My whole house is anti-plastic now,” Eugenie told Vogue.

The royal works an ambassador for Project Zero, an organisation dedicated to cleaning up the Earth’s oceans.

The pair are passionate about the global movement to protect and restore the environment.

It is fantastic to see them taking steps to further that vision by instating an anti-plastic wedding, at which over 1,200 members of the public will be in attendance.

The Princess of York and her fiancée are setting a globally conscious and eco-friendly example for their guests.

“Jack and I want our wedding to be [anti-plastic] as well – we've got to look after this planet,” she said in her interview.

The eco-activists cannot wait to wed and are happy to use the opportunity to help the planet just a little bit more.

In fact, Eugenie has decided not to let the wedding stress overwhelm her and just focus on the good.

“I'm not stressed at all. It's nerve-wracking because you want it to be perfect but then you realise that you're going to be with the person you love forever and nothing else really matters.”

We are ecstatic to see the Princess of York setting a fantastic example for the rest of the world to look after its oceans.

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