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Pictures of seven firemen who had babies in the space of a year goes viral

There is definitely something in the water in Glenpool Fire Station. recently, seven firemen posed for a very special photo. 

Each was holding their baby, ranging in age from 4 weeks to 15 months old. The proud dads hold five girls and two boys — Jovie, Cohen, Saylor, Bodie, Henley, Kadance, and Gracie. 

While the timing may have been a coincidence, Mick Whitney, one of the new dads, told CBS that,  "We all just happen to have kids right under a year. It's a pretty neat deal."

He continued to say that the families spend their free time together too. 

"All the guys and wives spend time in the station and outside of the station. It's a little different in our group. We go out fishing, hanging out. It's a unique dynamic."

Mum Melanie Todd, told Yahoo that they're just at that life stage where babies come along. 

"We're all young adults and just in that phase of our lives."

Alyssa Shank, another firefighter wife, agreed. "We go through life together and know we can lean on each other," she said. "We had no idea our cute little fire family photo would have gone viral like it has. We are happy to bring some warmth and sweetness to people's news feed during a time when you see so much negativity in the news."

The inherent risk that comes with their husband's careers means that they all have a special bond with the other "fire wife". 

"As a fire wife, we know if something happened to one of our husbands," Shank continues. "These guys and these families would step up and be there in a heartbeat. They are heroes in our town, and heroes in our homes." 

But for this picture anyway it's the next generation of mini-firefighters that are the heroes! 


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