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Parents baffled as principle doles out 'birthday spankings'

Say what now? 

A small rural elementary school in Texas has been in the spotlight recently over a spanking controversy. 

Yes, you read that right, and no, we are still in 2018. 

While some schools might give kids sweets or stickers to celebrate their birthday, principle of Alvord Elementary School, Bridget Williams, has different ideas. 

She gifted them with birthday spankings. Okay… 

The bizarre practise first hit headlines after a letter was circulated to parents explaining that the practise was "optional". 

In the letter, picked up by local media, Williams explains that birthday spankings are a "special" celebration and that she has only had "five or less students request something other than the birthday swat." 

She also continues to say that all celebrations are held on camera and that there is always another adult present. If parents wish that their child be excluded from the "celebration" they must send in a written request. 

After the note was circulated on social media, the school district superintendent Dr Randy Brown issued a statement saying that he was dealing with two complaints on the matter. 

Dr Brown stated that he "talked to many parents who don't have any concern with the practice" and that he has "a child attending school at Alvord Elementary and [doesn't] have any issue with it." 

Williams decided "on her own accord to discontinue the tradition." 

According to Sky News, parents contacted local news channels to express their support for the tradition.  While one parent expressed how inappropriate the spankings were, others explained that it was a fun tradition and her children "always looked forward to it." 

What do you think mums? Are 'birthday spankings' inappropriate or a bit of harmless fun? 

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