Parents are crazy about this baby name trend and we're not surprised

Gone are the days when Mary and John were the most popular baby names. Parents are being more creative when picking a name for their tiny tot.

Being unique plays a major part in the name picking process and this new baby name trend proves that.

More and more parents are opting for hyphenated first names. We decided to conjure up a list of our favourite hyphenated baby names for you expectant mums who want to put a twist on some classic baby names.

Girls Names:

1: Sophie-Grace

2: Lucy-Anne

3: Laura-Jean

4: Holly-Rae

5: Daisy-May

6: Amelia-Claire

7: Eliza-Jane

8: Sophie-Louise

9: Mary-Kate

10: Milly-Anne

Boys Names:

1: Oliver-Mark

2: John-Paul

3: Matty-Ray

4: Jack-Thomas

5: Billy-Joe

6: Alexander-Thomas

7: Ezra-Mark

8: Isaac-James

9: Oscar-Finn

10: George-Matthew

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