New mum turns up to be sister's bridesmaid- just hours after giving birth

Talk about determination!

While most new mums need a few days to relax in bed after giving birth, Emily Chell only got a few hours. Emily, from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire gave birth to baby Brody three weeks early- on the same day as her sister's wedding. 

But instead of pulling out of the ceremony, she showed up just hours after the birth- with the newborn on tow. 

“I don’t know if it was the excitement of the wedding but we joked that Brody didn't want to miss out,” the 27-year-old told The Huffington Post

On the eve of the wedding, Emily stayed in a local hotel with the bride Katie. However, her waters broke and she was rushed to hospital. 

Brody was born healthily with no complications. Emily's partner, Wayne Barratt, was by her side the whole time. 

“It was a natural birth and luckily there were no complications and we went to the ward for a little rest,” she said. 

The new family then raced to the church, which was 13 miles down the road. 

“We called ahead and someone had brought my bridesmaid dress there so as soon as I got there I put Brody in his crib and jumped in the dress.”

Although Emily was ten minutes late to the ceremony, the crowd cheered as she walked in.

“It was a lovely moment. It was pretty mad because my mum hadn't even met Brody until we made it to the church,” she said. 

While the doctors had given her the all clear to leave the hospital, she did feel light-headed from the drugs.

 “We managed to make it to the reception and left after the speeches so I could feed Brody,” she added.

As for the other woman of the hour, bride Katie was delighted that her little nephew could attend her special day. 

“It was a crazy day and I was completely overwhelmed by everything," Katie said. “Emily tried her hardest to get to the wedding and I was glad she made it in time.”

A special anniversary- and birthday- for years to come. 

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