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Mum’s video about her children's half-day from school WILL resonate with a lot of parents

Parents and schools don’t always go hand in hand, do they?

Sometimes they just don’t understand one another, which makes for an interesting democracy.

And this mum just epitomised the feelings of most parents when it comes to school policy on half-days.

Susannah Lewis was on her way to pick the kids up from school, just a mere three hours after dropping them off.

However, she’s so not impressed with the fact she had to rise at 6.30am to complete monotonous morning duties when they were only going for three hours, saying: "No, this is not mothers day out."

Asking what the point of the end of term half-day is, she goes on to add that the children normally come home hyper after eating A LOT of sugary treats.

"There is no reason for us to get up at the butt-crack of dawn so you can sit around for three hours and eat sugar."

Even supporting the teachers on this topic, Susannah adds: “Just let them go home, they don’t want to come back up on half-day and show your babies how to do another hand print craft.”

“They are ready to put these children on the bus and go home.”

Hands up who agrees with Susannah on this one?

Would you prefer a half-day for three sane hours at home alone, or would you prefer no school and a morning lie-in?

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