Mum’s plea to help her disabled son walk and talk is nothing short of remarkable

Kristy Lea Hislop welcomed two little boys into the world 18-months-ago.

Eager to see their mum and dad, Oliver and Jackson, came out fighting 15 weeks earlier than Kristy’s due date.

The twin boys were born with TAPS and Twin to Twin Syndrome therefore they both had a difficult start in life, with Oliver’s only lasting an incredibly short three days.

Following Oliver’s passing, Kristy and her husband needed to remain strong for Jackson, who spent 132 days in the NICU before being allowed home.

However, Jackson still has a mountain of complications to overcome, with Kristy stating:

“As a result of his prematurity and the many times his body didn't have enough oxygen during his fight, Jackson now has Quadriplegic Dystonic Cerebral Palsy and a hearing impairment called ANSD.” 

“Just the ability to crawl, sit, stand, walk and talk, feed himself will be a fight to achieve.”

Nonetheless, the tot's parents are not giving up hope on their sons capabilities.

Doctors have revealed that there is a window of opportunity for the first five years of his life, whereby the pathways in Jackson’s brain can be retrained with proper equipment.

But unfortunately with most medically related issues, this all comes at a huge price.

However, the inspirational mum is not going to allow money deter her efforts; Kristy is going to continue her fight with her tot, fundraising so Jackson can progress.

“This campaign is about squeezing out as much gains as we can get and maximising quality of life and happiness for Jack.”

“To give him as much independence and opportunities to thrive as possible is so important to me,” added the mum.

So far the mum has revealed that thanks to the support given through their GoFundMe page, Kristy was able to buy a special chair and wedge for her fighter, who recently kneeled on all fours for an entire four seconds.

We often take for granted the gift of walking and talking which befalls our children, but when we have the chance to help someone else, you'd be surprised how even the smallest of gestures help.

You can donate to their cause here.

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