Mum shares her alternative name for a C-section- and we love it

Childbirth, it comes is many different shapes and forms. No two women are the same, heck, no two births are the same. 

No matter how you birth, vaginal, C-section, with or without medication, you're still binging a new life into the world- which is amazing. Full stop. 

Unfortunately, misconceptions still exist about C-sections. While they're necessary and even life-saving in some cases, some may feel that they're the "easy way out". 

Mum-to-be Jordan Grissom was one of these people- until she released that she would have to C-section herself. 

Speaking to SUGARPOP,  Grissom explains that her disappointment came because of the misconceptions that plague a C-section delivery that is perpetuated in society. 

However, when her doula, Flor Cruz, named it a "belly birth" she began to feel empowered about her upcoming birthing experience.

Cruz's rebranding made the mum feel much more positive about her new birth plan.

Explaining why she coined the term “belly birth,” the doula said renaming it can entirely transform an experience for a mum-to-be.

“Change the language, change the mindset,” she said.

“Change the mindset, and it changes the experience like a chain reaction.

Cruz wants new parents to feel included and celebrated, no matter how their new arrival made their entrance.

"We connect more to the surgery aspect when we say caesarean or c-section. We are describing the act of major abdominal surgery," she added

"We don’t necessarily highlight and celebrate the bringing forth of life. The joy of a child being born. Parents being born. [Belly birth] is far more inclusive. It reminds everyone that a birth did indeed happen, not just a surgery.”

We couldn't agree more!


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