Mum sells T-shirts to pay for daughter’s medical bills... but helps other parents too

Katie Scott and her husband Bobby have a beautiful baby girl Harlow, who is nine-months-old.

The couple welcomed Harlow into the world after years of struggling with infertility, but it wasn’t without its complications.

Harlow was born with Lissencephaly, a rare genetic disorder whereby a baby’s brain is smooth and doesn’t develop folds which in turn impacts neural function and mental development, amongst other difficulties such as epilepsy and partial blindness in both eyes.


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Sadly there is no cure for baby Harlow’s condition, as she is one in 11 million, but there are treatments which can help the tot progress, but she’ll need round the clock care and a lot of medication.  

Nonetheless, as all parents are aware, this all comes at a price.

And Harlow’s mum Katie has created something beautiful from quite a difficult situation.


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No longer being able to work, as Katie is now her daughter’s carer, the mum began selling slogan T-shirts on Etsy as a way of making some extra money.

Fast-forward a couple of months and the mum has now created a fully-fledged business – Hope for Harlow.

The T-shirts became such a hit that the mum has now gone into jewellery, bows and dribblers.


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But the best part of the business?

Not alone do the profits pay for baby Harlow’s medical bills, but 50 per cent of sales from T-shirts honouring other special needs children will go toward other families struggling with the same financial burden of medical care.

And we have to admit, the T-shirts are pretty darn cool, not to mention chic. 


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We want it all! 

Our partners are going to hate the matching mummy/daughter ones but we're so in! 

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