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Mum posts sweet message to her mother-in-law who helped bring her daughters into the world

Our Mums Who Inspire series celebrates all mamas who are doing/ have done something truly remarkable; whether it’s caring for a sick child, showing resilience during tough times, helping people in their community or simply making a difference in the life of someone else, we want to give them the recognition they deserve.

As part of our series this week, we have Anne White a midwife from Australia. 

Anne White has been a midwife in Australia for 35 years, aiding in the delivery of countless babies.

But the two that probably stand out the most for her?

That would be the day she helped bring her two grandchildren, Annabelle (3) and Theodora (1), into the world.

The kids mum, Olivia White, posted a sweet message to her mother-in-law while celebrating ‘International Midwives Day’ and we were both absorbed and awed.


INTERNATIONAL MIDWIVES DAY!! It goes without saying that we think this particular midwife is the bees kneez And not just because she's my mother in law, but because she's literally a dead set legend in field and life in general!! Anyone who's had a baby fielded by her, had a little one cared for by her in the neonatal nursery or has just met her, knows she's one in a million! I'm lucky to have had both girls handed to me by this Wonder Woman and she's guided me so much through this motherhood gig! And on top of that, we are even luckier to call her our Nanny Annie  Thanks for being the most amazing midwife, mother in law and grand mother we could ever ask for  LOVE YOU TOO THE MOON AND BACK! But also couldn't forget to mention the gorgeous @ally.91 @claire_bogart @kelly_naus @lozc_15 – Warragul sure did hit the Midwife jackpot  #ward5iswhereitsat

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It began: “It goes without saying that we think this particular midwife is the bees kneez, and not just because she's my mother-in-law, but because she's literally a dead set legend in field and life in general!!”

Speaking to MagicMum about the decision to have her mother-in-law as her midwife, Olivia stated:

“It wasn't even a question really, we are quite close. She is a veteran in her field with 35 years to her name as a midwife, so she really was the best choice!”


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Mum underwent C-sections with both her pregnancies, but ‘Wonder Woman’ Anne was there for each one, pulling the girls out and handing them to mum.

Olivia told us: “It was amazing to be able to share it with her and my husband. They are a huge part of our lives and our children!”


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Signing off her sweet post, Olivia wanted the world to know how much her family care for their Nanny Annie:

“Thanks for being the most amazing midwife, mother-in-law and grandmother we could ever ask for.”


Three generation of White gals  so blessed to have such an amazing mother in law  anyone who knows this woman, knows just how much of a legend she is (as well as anyone who's had a baby in a 50km radius in the last 25 years has most likely had her deliver their baby ha)! They say it takes a village, and I certainly couldn't do it without this woman in my tribe  from the late night "should I be worried about this?!" phone calls, to the girls having their own separate rooms setup at their house and weekly sleepover dates (Annabelle insists she stays at nan and grums and has a melt down if we don't let her)! Most people couldn't stand living so close to their in laws but I'm sad we are a few streets away, could you guys like maybe move a tad closer?!  And I mean how can you not be in awe of a woman who literally rides triple digit kms everyday  #shesinsane

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The story has truly touched our hearts, how amazing is it that grandmother handed both children to their mum?

Teary-eyed with happiness right now.

If you know someone who has done something inspirational or you have your own story that you would like to see featured in our Mums Who Inspire series, email and we'll be in touch. 

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