Mum has her family take part in fun gender reveal activity, with an emotional message

Shelly Gonzalez and her partner Kiko are expecting their second baby, so they decided to have a gender reveal party for their family and friends.

However, this particular gender reveal has a special message to share, and it will bring a tear to your eye.

Shelly had the whole family around to play a game.

Each person had to throw a dart, aiming to burst a paint balloon.

The balloons were filled with different colour paint, and if three of the one colour popped – blue or pink – it meant that was the gender.

When all the balloons are popped though, there’s still no clue as to the sex of the baby, until one guy comes out holding a huge black balloon.

Shelly and Kiko then burst the balloon along with their son, when a waterfall of pink confetti explodes around them.

It’s a baby girl!

But the emotional scenes don't end there as the expectant mother shares a heartbreaking message to her brother.

In the video, Shelly shows a collage of photographs of the good times spent with her brother Daniel.

Daniel passed away in a car accident months before Shelly found out she was pregnant, and the mum-to-be thanks her late brother for the gift of her baby girl.

She shares: "Thank you Daniel, for proving that you are still around and for the blessing of our little girl."

We cannot cope with how beautiful this post is. 

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