Mum gives birth to the biggest baby her hospital has ever seen, and we're in awe of her

"Welcome to the world and the family ya massive newborn."

Mason MacDonald had no other words to describe the latest addition to his family. 

The now dad-of-two was left shocked when he along with his partner Makaela became parents to baby Maisie. 

Doctors and nurses at the Rockhampton hospital in Australia, where Mum gave birth, were overjoyed to declare baby Maisie as the biggest newborn ever born in their care. 

Weighing in at a massive 13 pounds, four ounces (6.020 kilograms), the baby is almost a small child rather than a newborn!

Already parents to their toddler daughter, Aubree, the couple had a feeling Maisie was going to be big, but they had no idea just how big she was really going to be. 

We can't even begin to describe our awe of Makeala, what a woman – we could never imagine bringing a 13 pound baby into the world, amazing. 

So mums, what are the chances of you giving this couple a run for their money in the baby weight department? 

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