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Mum furious as son comes home from school with both arms broken

Most 6-year-olds come home from school with homework, maybe an art project they're proud of. 

But one mother was shocked when her 6-year-old came home with not one, but two broken arms. 

Speaking to local media, Krystal Alejandro recalls her shock at realising that her son had been injured at school: 

"When I picked him up from school it was clear that there was something wrong with his hands. 

But I had no explanation from anybody at the school, or after-school programme about what had happened." 

"It's a horrible situation – me as a parent thinking that I can't go to work because I don't know if my son is safe," Alejandro continued. "It's just a horrible feeling to see the pain that he went through."

To make matters worse for the family, neither the school or the after-school programme is accepting responsibility for the incident. 

Alejandro's attorney says that each are "pointing fingers" at the other: 

"The principal is pointing fingers at the after-school program, saying 'well it's not us, it's not  [Department of Education's] problem, it's the after-school's program problem,'" he said. "Nobody wants to be accountable."

The incident is currently under investigation.

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