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Mum blogger reminds us about the importance of taking time off

One mum blogger has reminded us of the importance of taking time off. We can all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to simply just relax. Mums who try to juggle mum life and work life can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Hannah Gale showed us that being a working mum isn’t always easy, and sometimes what you really need to do is abandon your phone and step away from the world.

As a blogger, Hannah’s life may seem extremely glamorous with an Instagram full of heavenly cups of coffee and the latest high-street clothes, but she showed us that sometimes what you really need is a week of peace with your family.


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She got honest about taking a break on Instagram. Alongside a stunning shot of the mum rocking a pair of leopard print culottes, Hannah admitted that she has reached a point where she really needs to switch off.

Hannah went back to work when her son Atticus was a mere month old. She explained that she found some fashion photos taken for Instagram on her phone and revealed that she took the photos when her son was only two weeks old.

The mum shared,” [I’m] blaming the complete and utter shock of a two-day labour and emergency c-section on the fact I was basically tripping over my own feet to return to ‘normality’.


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Hannah has been working tirelessly since Atti was born. She has been busy posting blog posts, working with huge brands and taking many outfit snaps for her followers, however, one thing the mum has struggled to do is take time to herself.

Those photos reminded her of the immense pressure she put herself under to return to work and thought her a valuable lesson- it’s okay to step away.


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“I have decided to take a spontaneous week away from work and the internet to enjoy my baby, my boyfriend and not taking photos of my dinner. Catch you on the flip side,” she wrote.

We adore Hannah’s honesty about life as a working mum!

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