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Marine can’t make his sister’s wedding, so he sent her an emotional message BEFORE surprising her

Katie was due to get married to the man of her dreams, but unfortunately her little brother Joseph wasn’t going to be there to see her walk down the aisle.

Joseph was going to be away on a ship operation at the time of the event, much to Katie’s dismay.

Therefore Joseph and his wife Audrey came up with the idea to send her a sweet message for the day of the wedding.

The video message was filled with memories of the brother and sister growing up, with Joseph revealing what he thought their mum might say to Katie if she was still here, saying:

“There’s not anything I don’t like about my sister, any flaw, any imperfection is perfect in my eyes.

I mean she definitely has her mother’s eyes and all angels are perfect.”

Joseph goes on to tell his big sister that he’s proud of her and he couldn’t have asked for a better big sister.

Katie is obviously reduced to tears as she gets ready for the ceremony, and coming out to meet her future husband she is a little confused as he looks slightly different in his marine uniform.

That’s because it isn’t her husband-to-be, it’s Joseph.

Her marine brother had the opportunity to forego the ship operation at the last minute, rushing to be at his sister’s side on her wedding day.

And Katie is not the only one in tears right now…

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