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Man illustrates girlfriend in 10 different cartoon styles- and all of them are amazing

Kells O'Hickey and his girlfriend, Linds, from Minnesota, both have busy lives. 

Often, any time they spend together involves a nice dinner and a chill evening in front of a few of their favourite cartoons. 


Duluth with my love #duluth #minnesota #outdoors #nature #loveher

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"I've always had a huge interest in cartoons and anime, and as we've been dating, she's developing an interest of her own," Kells told Popsugar.

From classics like The Simpsons and South Park to more modern sensations like Rick and Morty and Bobs Burgers, all of the drawings are phenomenal. 

"My favourite had to be Dragonball Z, mainly because it fulfilled a childhood dream of being a muscle-bound, spiky-haired, energy-beam-shooting anime character," he said.

The most difficult, however, was the old-school Disney: 

 "The most challenging has to be my interpretation of modern Disney style, probably due to it being the most 'realistic.'"

Take a look at some of the pictures:  

 Her reaction to the cutest gift? Exactly as expected: 

 "She jumped on me and gave me a huge hug and kiss. It was perfect. Her reaction nearly made me cry."


Hint, hint for next Christmas?!  

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