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Man, 99, walks six miles every day to visit wife in hospital

Get ready for this story to restore your faith in true love.

Imagine being married for 55 years and still being madly in love? 

This is real life for Luther Younger, whose wife is unwell in hospital. 

He might not have a car, but do you think that's going to stop him?  

His determination to see her every day is too strong and he makes the journey.

Luther, who is from Rochester in New York, covers over six miles every day in the baking heat. 

According to Sunny Skyz, he said, "I want to see my wife. I love my wife."

"She made a man out of me. She made me more than I ever could be."

Sadly, his wife Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumour nine years ago and she has been in and out of the hospital since then. 

While people, including his daughter, offer him a ride to the hospital, but he refuses because he likes to clear his head with a walk. 

Luther, a former Marine who fought in the Korean War, prides himself on his physical strength but he says that the long walk every day isn't about that.

It's about proving his love for his wife, Waverlee.

Now pass us the tissues please, we've got a tear in our eye. 

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