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Love in the air! 16 reasons it's actually OK to like Valentine's Day

Every February, Valentine's Day-haters come out in their droves.

Ranting about it being overly-commercial, feeling ill at all the lovey-dovey stuff and turning their noses up at  the dinner-for-two meals.

So it can be hard to admit that you do like it, for fear of being laughed at. 

But it is OK to like it, you know? 

In fact, we've got 16 reasons why you should: 

1. Because you get presents 

2. It's nice see everyone making an extra special effort on the day

3. Because it's not just about being in a relationship- Galentine's Day is also a thing, you know?!

4. Who doesn't want to celebrate love? The world does NOT have enough love

5. There's chocolates (and yes buying them for yourself counts)

6. And roses

7. And cards with slushy messages inside

8. It's an excuse to wear pink sparkles even if you're not going out

9. People are nicer on February 14th. Usually. 

10. And you the anticipation that maybe a secret admirer will send you a gift (there's nothing wrong with hoping)

11. Because you get to enjoy a mid-week glass of bubbly (even if it is just 7up)

12. There are LOADS of mushy films on TV

13. You get to spoil the one you love, including your kids

14. It's a day of love – what's not to like about that? 

15. It's an excuse to treat yourself 

16. And buy that really expensive perfume (the one you secretly go into Boot to spray all over yourself)

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