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'I'll do that thing Meatloaf won't' These V-Day cards are FAB

Valentine's Day is all about being smushy and serious about love… right?

Nah, February 14th is a day to get a little silly with your significant other; a day where you can really let your feelings be known.

You know, basically tell them like it is: that you do love them, even more than tea. 

And while gifts are always nice, in this day and age (with most of your money going on shoes for the kids or wine to keep you sane) cards are even better: they're cheaper and you can really tell it like it is! 

We love these ones from the LAINEY K Love Collection – it's like Elaine Kellegher actually went into our head and stole our thoughts…

1. We just have to figure out what that THING is…


 2. "Hello… "

 3. True that!

4. And that's a tough love to beat. Trust us.  

 5. We wouldn't be cold for anyone else…

Love these? Click here to get one for your SO. 

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