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Kid's sweet note to his dad has the most savage twist

Sometimes kids can be pure savages. The unbridled honesty of a child can be brutal as well as hilarious. 

A Redditor recently shared a note their younger cousin left for their dad. 

A note that my little cousin left for his dad. from r/funny

The note starts off as cute as pie. 

"You are a hard worker. You can make the Earth a better place,” the kid scrawled in his childish handwriting. 

 Adorable so far, but he's quick to turn it around. 

“And if you work harder, you can buy that game I want.”

About as subtle as a brick to the face there!  


According to the original poster the game that his cousin is hankering for is the new Nintendo Switch- and they don't come cheap. 

Forget making the world a better place, this kid just wants Mario Kart.

Apparently, the dad laughed it off, showing his relatives and co-workers for a good giggle. 

The post has racked up thousands of shares, with people relating to their own kiddy bribing experiences. 

 And we don't blame him! Despite the blatant sucking up, it's still a funny and uplifting. We wouldn't mind starting off our day to a note like that-  well the first part anyway! 

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