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Kids at this nursery sleep outside (even when it's drizzling)

When it comes to choosing a nursery for our little ones, as mums, we opt for a place that keeps them safe, stimulated and protected at all times.

So when we came across this daycare that encourages kids to nap outside, we were incredibly intrigued.

We initially thought the poor kids would be constantly out with colds and flu, but it seems the opposite is true. 

In fact, ever since Little Learners daycare in Perth started to introduced outdoor naps, they have noted a significant decrease in the number of absences. 

"Over the course of the last 11 weeks, since the 22nd March 2017 we have been tracking the number of absentee days at our Childcare Centre due to common colds, flu, viruses and any other winter related illnesses," Director Ken Scott-Hamilton wrote on their Facebook page. 

"Over the last 11 weeks we have had 1,790 attendances; of which only 15 attendances have been absent due to common colds etc; which equals 0.84 percentof all attendances during that period."

Which is a pretty positive impact, in fairness. 

And while, yes, they let the kids sleep outside even it's drizzling slightly, they're not cruel: kids are only allowed out if the temperature is above 16°C and below 31°C, and they're kept inside when it's raining heavily. 

"During the 11-week period we also tracked any changes in the health and well-being of the children (both physical and emotional) as a result of sleeping outdoors more often," Ken explained.  

"We found that when the older children slept outdoors they slept longer, deeper and more serenely. When they woke up they were significantly more refreshed, rested and rejuvenated than when they had slept inside."

Parents can opt out of the policy and only kids aged between two and five are allowed avail of it; babies have to continue to sleep inside.

We think it's a brilliant idea (although we can't see it being implemented in Ireland anytime soon – the poor kids would be freezing!)

What do you make of the outdoor policy? 

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