How to turn your toddler's bedtime into something a little extra special

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping toddler; their gentle breath, their flickering eyes, their tiny hands, it’s hard not to spend your evenings watching them peacefully slumber.

However, getting to this stage is not easy: bedtimes, well in our house anyway, tend to consist of a few bribes, a few tantrums and always an ‘extra few minutes of TV time’.

Well, that was until we started to make bedtime something really special.

Something the kids actually look forward to.

So if bedtime in your house is more stress than sleep, why not try implementing the following things to make it just that little bit more special.

1. Wish upon a star

Plonk a few cushions just under the window, turn off the lights and wish upon the night sky. It’s a great opportunity to gently talk to your little one, helping them to calm down before they have to hop into bed. It's also a great way to spend an extra few minutes of time with them without any distractions – just you, them and the starry sky. 

2. Sing a bedtime song to help them settle into sleep

Whether you have a great voice or not, your little one will thoroughly enjoy listening to you gently sing a lullaby. Hop into bed beside them, gently stroke their head and sing them their favourite song. It will help your tiny tot relax and settle into sleep and we guarantee this is something they will really look forward to.

3. Make up your own bedtime adventure story

Kids love listening to made up stories, sometimes more than from a book, and it is a great way to really let your imagination go wild. If you want, why not have your little one contribute to the story – it will really help you bond, and they’ll listen more attentively if they have an input. 

4. Listen to an audio book

The soothing sound of an audio book can work wonders at helping your little one relax, and is a great way for you to both enjoy the story. You can get your little one excited about listening to it by heading to the library together to choose one – just make sure they wait until bedtime to put it on!

5. Have a special goodnight kiss

Kids thrive off routine, so having a routine bedtime kiss is a great way to help them settle into sleep. Kiss them on each eyelid, their nose and each cheek before giving them a cuddle goodnight. A special squeezy hug each evening will let them know just how much they are loved before they fall asleep. 

Remember, while the bedtime routine doesn't always go to plan, it’s important you enjoy these Shared Moments of Joy because your little one is only going to be small for a short amount of time.

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