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'It has to be a typo...' Can you solve this kids' maths equation? Because we can't

Can you figure it out?

We're going to be honest here; when it comes to helping our kids with their homework,  we have turned to Google one too many times for help. 

Whether it's trying to figure out where countries are located or the answer to tricky maths questions, the internet is the reason we can successfully answer our kids' questions. 

However, this one has us stumped.

"Apparently, this math question appeared in an exam for Grade Ones in Singapore. Let's see who can solve it," user mmatigari wrote on Twitter.

Now, bear in mind that grade one kids are around six or seven. 

On first glance, the question looks easy enough: simply use the key to fill in the missing numbers. 

But easy it is not.

Not even Google can help us with this one, and it seems Twitter users are convinced that this is because there is a typo in the equation. 

Maybe, Nicholas. Maybe. 

What do you think? Can you figure it out? 

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