Here's a preview of tomorrow night's emotional episode of The Rotunda

The Rotunda returns with another emotional episode tomorrow night and you better have the tissues at the ready.

In the Delivery Ward, expectant mum Kayleigh is hoping she will break the family tradition of always having c-section deliveries while Zosia is determined to have as little intervention as possible in the birth of her first baby. 

Parents Samantha and Anto come to the Rotunda for radical laser treatment in an effort to save the lives of their unborn twins.  

Meanwhile in Theatre, Lorraine gratefully remembers the donor who donated their kidney to her which has enabled her to have children of her own.

Fans were thrilled to see award winning series The Rotunda return to RTÉ 2 last week. This series will feature eight episodes charting the highs and lows of pregnancy and childbirth in the world’s longest running maternity hospital. 

In series two, we follow 32 stories of expectant parents who are hoping to welcome new arrivals into their lives. For some, this will be a straightforward visit to the Delivery Suite while for others their journey to parenthood will require additional help and support from The Rotunda’s dedicated team of doctors and midwives in the hope that their babies will arrive safely.

From extreme highs to devastating lows The Rotunda gives a unique insight into the busiest maternity hospital in Europe. The Rotunda is a Scratch Films production for RTÉ 2.

Tune into episode two of The Rotunda at 9.35pm on RTÉ 2.

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