Here are 24 names inspired by the sea for your summer baby

Are you expecting a water baby of your own this summer? Why not go for an ocean-inspired name! Here are our 24 fave names for girls and boys, inspired by the sea.

For your little mermaid:

1. Coral

As in the stunning underwater deposits that form reefs

2. Darya

An Iranian word for 'sea'

3. Delta

Meaning an area of land where a river is divided into smaller rivers

4. Hali

a Greek term for 'sea'

6. Isla

Meaning 'island'

7. Kairi

Meaning 'sea'

8. Marella

A Japanese word meaning ‘of the bright sea’

9. Maya

Meaning water in Hebrew

10. Tallulah

Meaning ‘leaping water’

11. Waverly

Meaning ‘meadow of quivering aspens’

12. Zarya

The name of a Slavic water priestess

For your little merman:

1. Adrian

Inspired by the Adriatic Sea

2. Arno

Meaning ‘flowing water’

3. Brook

Meaning small stream

4. Caspian

Inspired by the Caspian Sea

5. Cove

Meaning ‘coastal inlet’ or ‘small bay

6. Douglas

Meaning ‘dark water’

7. Kai

Meaning ‘sea’

8. Lir

A sea god in Irish mythology

9. Morrissey

Meaning ‘choice of the sea’

10. Ross

Meaning ‘peninsula’

11. Trent

Meaning ‘gushing water’

12. Wade

Meaning ‘walking through water with effort’

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