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Groom surprises bride with ode to their first date at their wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the embodiment of romance.

And when James Coad married his wife Lucinda, he wanted to show her just how much she meant to him.

So what did he do?

Halfway through the heartfelt vows, the pair were interrupted by the delivery of a 6ft sandwich from Subway – yes, really. 

James had organised the whole thing as a funny reminder of their first date at the chain restaurant, after a night out. 

James explained how he met his now-wife five years ago when he says, ''we met at work as you do, but we didn't really hit it off at first – in fact, she thought I was a bit of an idiot. Lucinda and I hit it off with a bit of flirting (on a work night out), then we went to our local nightclub and shared a passionate kiss.''

He continued, ''later in the night I took her to Subway and thought I’d be romantic by offering her a six inch Italian BMT. But when I handed it to her she dropped the whole lot on the floor. I didn't offer her mine though, that went home with me. When we walk past we joke about the way we first met.''

How sweet!

The 6ft sub wasn't part of the original wedding day but when the plans were underway, James had the bright idea of incorporating a reference about their first date.

Even the best man was kept in the dark about the gesture.

James said, ''I was writing my speech and thinking of the first time we met and was stumped because ours wasn't love at first sight, she didn't really like me that much.''

Well, it looks like the couple has made up for that with their amazing love story – and now the perfect ending.

Congratulations guys! 

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