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Grandmother texts wrong man about cookies, and the exchange will warm your heart

Can we just universally agree that grannies are the absolute best?! 

When 27-year-old Jordan from North Carolina received a text from a random number he decided to play along. He posted the entire exchange to Reddit, and it's giving us all the feels. 

It was from a 'Gammy' who asked if he was keeping well and if he'd been 'good enough for cookies'. Speaking to Love What Matters, Jordan explained that the text was so cute he just had to play along. 

"I played into it and said that I was always good for cookies and expressed how I wanted some. I then sent a text saying I was just joking and playing along because I thought that it was adorable." 

Much to his surprise Grammy text back asking for his address and what kind of cookies he wanted. Jordan, no taking the request seriously, gave her his address and promptly forgot about the exchange. 

A few days later a package arrived for him. Inside was a lunchbox filled with freshly-made cookies. 

Her messaged her "expressing my thanks and how amazing it was."

But the story was not done yet, somehow, Gammy had gotten confused and convinced herself that Jordan knew her grandson. 

Jordan asked for his number and it turned out that he worked at Jordan's local supermarket. 

"I called him and explained what happened and we laughed about it. I led with a ‘You’re not going to believe this and it’s a really weird story but hear me out.’ His response led with ‘Yeah, that is extremely weird.’" 

Intending to share the cookies with the grandson, Jordan brought the ones he hadn't eaten to the grandson's shop. 

"I messaged Gammy and told her I delivered the cookies and asked for her address again because I lost hers. She was extremely cute with her responses and grateful that I dropped off some cookies. To think, she told me I was thoughtful! After sending me cookies!"

Classic Gammy! 

Jordan is looking forward to keeping in contact with his adoptive grandmother. 

"We are so disconnected with our texts and social media, so I can’t wait to send Gammy some handwritten letters to express my gratitude. I’ll definitely be writing her in the upcoming week and hopefully get a steady correspondence.”

Could she send us cookies as well?! 

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