Girl is CONVINCED her mum is lying to her about her sibling's gender

After eight years, the births of three beautiful girls and one "rough miscarriage in 2013", mum Tiffany Yeomans was delighted to find out she was expecting a boy.

However, while herself and her husband were over the moon, her three daughters on the other hand were not exactly excited by the news.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Tiffany back in 2015, the three sisters are sitting on and around the kitchen table.

In front of them is a gift bag with 'Newborn Baby' written on the front; inside the bag are three balloons – the colour of which will reveal if Mum is expecting a boy or a girl. 

Opening the present, the girls pull out a fair amount of coloured paper before finding the balloons: three BLUE balloons with 'boy' written on them for extra clarification.

Finding the balloons, the middle child automatically goes "you tricked us", to which her mum replies: "I'm not tricking you, it's a baby boy". 

"You did trick us," she shouts back. 

"No we're not."

"You're lying, Mama."

As the video progresses, the eldest starts crying, the youngest walks off and the middle child is still convinced someone is lying. 

"Mama, you're lying; the doctor's lying; the doctor's playing tricks." 

Whoops – we're pretty sure they love their little brother now though! 

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