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Girl calls 911 after her dad collapses, and her conversation with the operator is adorable

As parents, we'd like to assume that if something every happened to us our children would be able to get the help needed.

And for one father, at least, he is safe in the knowledge that his little girl is well able to look after both him and her should anything ever happen again. 

Savannah and her dad were on their way to bed when he suddenly started struggling to breathe and began experiencing chest pains.

However, keeping calm, the five-year-old rang 911, and her conversation with Hancock county dispatcher Jason Bonham is adorable.

Not only does she explain what is wrong with her father and tell them to come real fast, Savannah comforts her dad, saying "stay calm, dad"

As she talks to the operator, the youngster explained what happened. 

"We are in our jammies and we are trying to go to bed but he can hardly breathe," she explained. 

But then she gets worried because she is only wearing a tank top. 

"I'm in a tank top so I have to get dressed. I don't know what I'm gonna wear but he really needs oxygen, real fast," she continued. 

"I'll be in my room and I'll be putting on…"

But obeys when the operator asks her to stay by her daddy. 

"OK, I got that."

Watch the adorable video below.  

Would your little one know what to do in this kind of situation? 

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