Gender reveal egg roulette is taking the Internet by storm

Ah yes, welcome, ladies and gentlemen to you daily dose of gender reveals. 

This one is particularly egg-cellent. 

Taking after the style of Jimmy Fallon's Egg Roulette, this gender reveal has us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. 

Molli Van Arsdalen Reber and Dallen Reber, who are expecting their first child, decided to pay homage to the popular late-night talk show by adapting one of it's segments. 

They each take an egg, painted either pink or blue, and smash it against their foreheads.

If the egg doesn't smash (ie has been hard-boiled)  then it fails. If it smashes and you get raw egg all over your face, than it wins! 

Girl, girl, boy, none of the eggs smash. Until… well you'll just have to watch till the end to find out! 

Were you egg-pecting that? 

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