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Gender reveal cakes that will make you go 'WTF?!'

It all started with a hilarious tweet from Canadian Twitter user Onson Sweemey. 

Sharing her genuine confusion at a selection of gender reveal cakes, she inadvertently started a thread of the most hilarious, confusing, embarrassing and even vomit inducing cakes out there. 

Be warned: it gets mind-boggling. 

Some of the cakes are just a miss…

Eh… moustache bum?? 

We will be seeing this one in our nightmares. 

Oh no, make it stop…

Or the assorted "oh dear god, what am I looking at?!" cakes… 

Of course the dad's role can be acknowledged too…  

Okay, we kinda love this one. 

If it was ever possible to turned off cake, it's now.  

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