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Five-year-old goes to school with braided hair... but Mum is shocked when she returns

School is exhausting, it takes it's toll on the best of us. 

We sometimes come home and slouch across the couch for fear of overexerting ourselves, or simply bark at anything in sight. 

But we don't ever expect to come home quite dishevelled because that's when things become questionable. 

So when one mum collected her daughter from her first day at school and she looked a little different than she did that morning, there were a whole lot of questions asked!

Markeisha Simien sent her five-year-old daughter, Charle-feigh, to school with a beautiful red bow, and a unique braided hairstyle. 

Nonetheless, a long hard day spent in the classroom got the better of Charle-feigh who literally tore her hair out!

The five-year-old girl kept playing with her hair to the extent that she gave herself a slight re-do which had us in stitches. 

Has your tot ever done anything like this?

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