Festive baby names that are perfect for your December baba

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and if you’re expecting a December baby then we’ve got the perfect list of names for you to choose from.

These festive monikers are bound to warm your heart during this chilly time of year.

Check out the full list below and let us know what name is your favourite.


This is the cutest festive name for your darling daughter. The gorgeous holly leaf has been a festive symbol for hundreds of years and the name is just as pretty.


Obviously, this is a classic name for your Christmas puddin'. Why not shorten it to Nick or Nicky if you think his adorbs' face is too cute for this regal title.


Cole Sprouse wasn't born in December, but the name seems wintery somehow, right? Cole, originally short for Nicholas, is a name for a cool dude born in the coolest of months.


This gorgeous boys name has grown popular since GOT star Kit Harrington came into the public eye. Short for Christopher, Kit is a cool and modern choice for your Christmas baby boy.


If you are looking to raise a strong and independent girl, Ivy is the perfect name for your winter-born baby. A strong and stubborn plant that decorates everything it touches, the leaf as gorgeous as the name.


If you are looking for an Irish option for a Christmas name, there's nothing cooler than baby Nollaig. Nollaig means December as Gaeilge and is a fab name for December born beauties.


Eve or Evie are both gorge names for those born on or around Christmas Eve.


This is the English, feminine version of Noël meaning Christmas en français!


This is for the Game of Thrones fans. Winter has come and your little one will be coming soon, so why not go for this gorgeous name inspired by this strong and sassy character.


Do we need to explain? The stunning snow queen herself bares this fabulous name, so why shouldn't your little queen?


If the hilarious Chrissy Teigen can rock this Christmassy name, so can your superstar.


Joy to the world, and joy to you on the birth of your baby. Your winter bundle deserves this joyful name upon her arrival.


This beautiful name will be gorge for your little angel himself.


Aww, baby Joe! The too-cute shortened version of Joseph. You can also make it even cuter and go for Joey.

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