Exhausted mum describes the moment her husband and a nurse 'BREASTFED' her newborn

After spending an arduous 24 hours in labour one mum had to opt for a C-section.

And at 10pm her little bundle of joy landed into the world.

Mum breastfed her daughter a little and then fell asleep due to complete exhaustion, but while she was sleeping, her baby girl woke for food again.

Knowing how tired Mum was, the nurse arrived for support, showing quackquackquirk how to manually express milk as an option.

But Mum was out for the night, completely shattered, so her husband, being quite the clever clogs, advised the nurse to just go for it.

Quackquackquirk explained: “Woke up to a nurse and my husband manually expressing a few drops of colostrum into a spoon. Husband says ‘I told her you wouldn't mind!’ and I didn't."

“So I said ‘Have at it’ and went back to sleep while they milked me like a cow,” added the new mum.

Mum claims she knew her body would never be the same again, so she didn’t mind as she was happy to get some sleep, and she wasn’t the only one.

In the thread labelled ‘Sharing a favourite memory from my first birth’, many mums added to the discussion, recounting their experiences.

One user shared: “That was how things were with me too…three days labour and a failed induction and so had a C. I was exhausted and out of it and my husband breastfed baby for me while I slept and about a week later when I wasn't so heavily anaemic and groggy I had to ask him to teach me how to do it. Totally forgot about this until reading your post!”

While another added: “I remember being so paranoid he wasn't getting anything that literally anyone who walked into my room, nurse/doctor, student, orderly, I whipped out a boob and asked for help! Lol thankfully My milk came in on day two and he had a good 40-minute feed. I felt so much more secure.”

Well, you do learn something new every day! Has someone ever manually breastfed or helped you out? We'd love to hear your tips. 

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