Doctor shares videos of babies 'popping' and they're INCREDIBLE

We’ve all witnessed birthing videos in some shape or form.

Someone on the TV was giving birth, a new mum made you watch her birthing video, or perhaps you were the unfortunate victim of a biology teacher in school.

But how often does the footage depict what happens during a C-section?


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These videos, taken by Dr Jham Frank Lugo, show mothers who are giving birth by ‘gentle’ C-section. 

Gentle C-sections are for mums who require a surgical birth but want a more traditional style birthing experience.

The process involves delivering the baby slowly with less force, immediately allowing Mum skin to skin time, and limiting noises. 


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Dr Lugo who is an obstetrician and gynaecologist in Venezuela, depicts gentle C-sections on his Instagram, and they've naturally garnered A LOT of attention. 

Traditionally expectant mothers will view recordings of a natural birth, however C-sections are quite rare to see on tape.

But these are incredible. 


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We've always been in awe of all the mums out there, but this is just further proof we're the best!

Have any mums out there ever experienced a gentle C-section? We'd love to hear from you…

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