Big Kids

Dad surprises his son in the BEST way during a school presentation

Ryan Fountaine is a military officer who has been away on duty for seven months.

During that time his six-year-old son Adam has been attending school, but on one particular day Adam and his classmates were doing a presentation on patriotism.

Standing up in the school hall with his friends, Adam was wearing his favourite red t-shirt in honour of his dad while they spoke about patriotism and what it means.

That was until Ryan popped out from behind the corner and surprised his six-year-old son.

Adam was in complete shock, saying “Daddy!”

When he finally realised that the moment was real, he hugged his father.

And finally Adam gained his voice back, explaining to his dad on Inside Edition, that he has a new game he needs help playing.

How happy is little Adam? We love seeing them reunited.

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