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Dad level one thousand: fed-up father shares hilarious Netflix hack

Ever log in to your Netflix account just to discover that someone has been in before you, messing up your shows and lists? 

Sick of his wife and daughters using his Netflix to watch their own shows, engineer Mike Angiulo came up with the most dad way to stop them ever. 

He replaced the title "Dad" with "Instal Windows Updates Now”. Pure brilliant- no one wants their computer to update just before a Pretty Little Liars binge. 

 "Everyone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile," he wrote in the now viral tweet. "Messed up all my lists and history… so I renamed 'Dad' to 'Instal Windows Updates Now.' Problem solved." 

The most daddest of dad solutions ever. 


And he's not the only one to use inventive names to keep scroungers off the Wi-fi or Netflix. 

This guy definitely has the same problem… 

While others just like to use Wi-fi passwords to mess with people. 

Some even extended the trickery to hiding treats…

To make the whole situation even funnier, Netflix themselves even picked up on the tweet. They replied "we stan a genius"- meaning that they're obsessed with him. 

So are we, Netflix, so are we. 

Dad level one thousand! 

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