Dad left in shock when he opens an old shoe box left on the kitchen table

When Chris Duchman returned home to his wife Jill, he was surprised to find an old shoebox on the table. 

An old wives tale once stated leaving new shoes on the table was bad luck, however, the Duchman's may have turned that one on it's head. 

The couple who are parents to three boys, were over the moon to learn they would be adding to their family quite soon. 

Jill was expecting their fourth baby, another boy to add to their growing brood. 

However, when she asks Chris to open the shoebox, he is overwhelmed by the surprise which awaited him. 

There wasn't a blue babygrow or shoe in sight – the theme was PINK!

The couple are having a baby girl – a secret Jill kept so she could surprise her husband. 

And we think it's safe to say he was shocked, Chris' face is priceless, automatically, hugging his son who is in his arms, before reaching for his wife. 

This is going to be one busy household – the cuteness.

Have you ever surprised your other half like this?

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