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Dad disciplines his daughter in a car park and we NEED to take tips

Our kids ALWAYS seem to throw tantrums when we're in the public eye. 

It's like they know we get easily embarrassed or they're supposed to be quiet, either way they make sure they're heard, above everything!

If we're in the supermarket, we give in, for a couple of moments peace, anything they kids want goes into the cart because we can't have them throwing tantrums in front of others. 

Although, one dad has just blown us out of the water with his tantrum tactics and we've got a piece of paper and a pen because we're taking note.

Terrel Rico Relz Crawford has been on the receiving end of a 'beating' following tantrums when he was a young boy, not wanting to become that kind of parent himself. 

So instead of leaning toward the same protocol when disciplining his children, he decided to take a more controlled approach. 

When his three-year-old daughter went into tantrum throwing mode while shopping, Dad decided to take her out of the store. 

Bringing his tot outside, putting her sitting on the hood of their car, Dad patiently sat beside his daughter, ignoring her wails and screams until she calmed down. 

The Ohio father turned to his toddler when she had calmed, asking if she was ready to stop crying now: "Are you done? Because it sounds like you're still whining to me."

"I'm not taking you back into Walmart until you stop with your messing."

Making his toddler aware that he is not in any hurry to go back into the store, the three-year-old instantly begins to start paying attention to her father. 

Terrel turns to the camera, speaking to all parents about his daughter's moment: "See this is what happens when you spoil your kids."

"I don't care if you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, don't put one in your child's mouth because this is what happens, and when you have to be stern they don't like it and this is what they act like."

Terrel explains that he is OK with his daughter crying, but what he is not OK with is when his daughter doesn't stop when he requests her to do so, instead making her sit outside while her mum shops inside. 

Dad knows that he can sit and wait until his girl stops crying, and she'll eventually learn that he's not bothered, sparking her to begin listening. 

When she does, Terrel asks his toddler to wipe her tears like a big girl in an effort to 'get all the stress off your face'. 

The dad doesn't talk down to his daughter or scream back, he speaks to her compassionately, waiting for her to stop, teaching her that screaming won't get her what she wants. 

And low and behold, within two minutes, his tot stops crying and has a big wide smile on her face heading back into the store with her dad.

Parents – this is a lesson in how to discipline your child effectively, while they will also learn they can't always get what they want. 

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