Dad creates the most unique gender reveal, with the help of a BULL!

Well this is probably the most unique gender reveal we have seen yet!

Colby Kassie Scallions and his fiancée are expecting their first baby, and to say Dad is excited is an understatement.

The couple organised a gender reveal for friends and family at their home in Texas, and we have to say, Colby really pulled out all the stops.

Colby is a lifelong bull rider and wanted to incorporate his love for the sport with the reveal.

And it is so cool!

The dad-to-be had his family and friends gather around the arena, where he had his bull, Princess Hooker, suited with a container filled with the appropriate coloured powder for the reveal.

And when he releases the bull, we find out, it’s definitely NOT a boy!!

The prominent pink powder fills the arena and the excitement is palpable, as the couple also reveal the beautiful name they have chosen for their newborn.

We have a sneaky feeling, Brylee Nicole Scallions, will be by her dad’s side learning the tradition of bull riding in no time.

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