Couple return home after three years in China... and they have a HUGE surprise for their family

Wow – you'll need a few tissues for this one that's for sure! 

We have seen plenty of pregnancy reveals over the years, but this one is the icing on the cake – because it involves THREE surprises.

And they are pretty big surprises at that.

Married couple Leah and Mike have been living in Shanghai, China for over three years, and decided that now was a perfect time to move back to California and family. 

However, they didn't want to go tell people they were coming home.

No, they wanted to surprise them with the news… and another pretty awesome bit of news. 

Uploaded to YouTube by Leah and Mike, who have been vlogging about their life in China, they explained: 

"After living in Shanghai, China for a little over three years we planned a master surprise since we were moving back to the USA.

"We only told a few people we were moving back but we didn't tell anyone I was pregnant.

"We shocked them with three surprises: 1.) Here in the USA 2.) Six months pregnant after being married 11 years 3.) Not just visiting but we have moved back permanently to the USA."

The couple filmed everyone's reaction when they told them their news, and it makes for some emotional viewing! 

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