Couple create video to win a trip, but husband has no idea what is about to take place

Doug and Brenda Price have been married for ten years and wanted to celebrate with a trip to Aruba. 

The couple spent their honeymoon in Aruba after their marriage, and they have a very special reason to go back again, but Doug doesn't know what it is. 

Entering a competition to win the coolest anniversary trip, the couple had to make a video as to why they deserve the trip more than anyone. 

But as the happy duo turn to the screen, we also learn they have struggled with years of infertility. 

Nonetheless, as Doug is about to chime in with his reasons for the trip, Brenda interrupts his train of thought to declare a 'babymoon' would be the best reason for a holiday.

Brenda is pregnant with their first baby, which they conceived naturally, and Doug can hardly believe what his wife is telling him. 

Brenda just about gets the words out as she begins to cry, and Doug completely tears up as he realises his wife isn't joking. 

And we seriously need to find out who is chopping those onions in here… tissues please!

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