Couple are hit with $200K medical bill following the birth of their baby girl

Following years of miscarriages and infertility, Amy and Mac Scoggin were delighted to find out they were about to have a second baby.

However, the pregnancy was not to run smoothly with Amy having to undergo additional testing on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis due to her history.

And when the time came for their beautiful daughter Evelyn to enter the world, they never imagined her first couple of weeks would be a difficult process.

Born prematurely with several problems, Evelyn is now four-months-old and thriving, but that doesn't stop the worrying for her parents.

Since her birth Amy and Mac have been hit with HUGE medical bills totalling $200K, as their insurance refuses to cover the costs of their pregnancy journey, deeming regular testing as ‘unnecessary’.

And furthermore have charged the couple for the birth of their baby, and her hospital stays, as they believe she was not added to their insurance scheme.

But kindness stepped in, and the family are now delighted to say they will not be going bankrupt, as they had originally forecast.

Friends of the family set up a GoFundMe in an effort to raise $25K toward their bills, and in just under three weeks reached their goal.

Rachel, the creator of the fundraising page stated in a recent update: "We did it! YOU did it! Thank you so much for everyone's support and helping us reach our goal. We couldn't have done this without each and every one of you!"

The birth of a child is supposed to be the greatest gift of life, a family should not have to face financial ruin, we are so glad that Evelyn is doing well.

And how kind are the couple's friends and family?

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