C-section mums can now have skin to skin time with their newborn thanks to a 'joeyband'

C-sections are necessary for some mums, but unfortunately that means they are often not allowed have skin to skin time with their baby when they enter the world. 

The reasons for this can vary but the most common ones are the fact some mums' arms are strapped down when a C-section is carried out, or they may suffer from body shakes. 


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However, Canadian sisters, Ashley Wade and Hayley Mullins, came up with the idea of designing the 'Joey Band' to help mums experience the joy of skin to skin bonding directly after birth. 

The band is basic but effective – a stretchable linen wrap that will firmly hold your baby during your bonding time, without needing to use your hands. 


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The sisters claim the holder is: "A patented hybrid between swaddling and baby wearing for skin to skin and infant fall prevention (hospital & home)."

Doctors and nurses are firm believers that skin to skin time is extremely beneficial to you and your baby, as not only does it facilitate bonding time, it's also found to calm and soothe newborns too. 


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Which makes the Joey Band a perfect fit for mums who are due to have C-sections, as they can continue to experience the beautiful moments.  

The band doesn't have straps or clips, making it simple to use with maximum effect, and just look at all these mums and babies enjoying their alone time.

The bands are available in plenty of hospitals across the states at the moment, where mums can request the band before their sections. 

And we can't forget about how handy the band is for all the dads out there too! 

Would you like to see the Joey Band as an option in your local hospital too?

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