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Brides bans guests from watching the England game at her wedding

The World Cup is everywhere, but could you imagine it clashing with your big day?

This is a reality for one bride who is tying the knot this weekend. 

A friend of the couple getting married took to the popular online forum, mumsnet to pen how the upcoming England match is wrecking havoc with their wedding plans.

The anonymous author said: "Just been on facebook and someone I know (though not well and I am nit invited to the wedding!) is getting married on Saturday. Obviously England are playing. 
"She has a status saying she has had multiple requests from guests wanting to know if the football will be shown."
"Her status basically says she's angry at the messages she's had and under no circumstances will the football be shown. It's her wedding and the day is about that and that only.

The bride wasn't messing around and said that phones would be monitored.

"She's asked that no one checks their phones during the match and is even going to have a sign made for when people enter the venue as a reminder it's a football free zone," the author continued 

"Now she's had a fair few comments – a couple even say they wouldn't attend if they were invited due to her attitude. 
"Opinions? Is she being unreasonable? It's her and her partners day at the end of it…..I'd be worried my guests wouldn't show up though…," she said concluding the post.

The mums were quick to respond and it received a lot of mixed messages.

Some said that the bride was being totally "unreasonable" and to just "embrace" it.

"She’s being very unreasonable. It’s on mid afternoon. Arrange a room with big tv at the venue and she and new husband can bugger off for their 3 hours of photos whilst their guests watch the match," said a user.

Another one weighed in: 

"I'd embrace it. It is always best to make events about the guests enjoyment rather than the hosts.”

"Ah I went to a wedding of a friend 12 years ago for the World Cup and England were playing. They had a separate little tent outside the main marquee with a telly on with the footie. It was great actually!" said one from experience.

Others were horrified at why the guests even wanted to watch the match when they were attending a wedding.

"How can people be so bloody rude? They are invited to a wedding. You don't watch the telly at a wedding!" said a mum. 

"If people I cared about enough to invite to my wedding were more interested in the football I'd not be a happy bunny and I think it would do serious damage to our friendship," said another.

A commenter asked if a game of sport was more important than a friends wedding, and others pointed out how the football will be on again in four years, whereas a wedding day is once in a lifetime.

"Oh god, seriously? I can’t think of anything worse. Is a sports game really more important than a friend’s wedding? God, football people are obnoxious," said a user.

"There's no way I would have a sports match on at my wedding. I'd quite like for England to win, but its just a game of football and its her once in a lifetime (hopefully) big special event. The football will be on again in 4 years.

"I think banning people checking their phones is a bit much though. I'd rather people didn't go if it was a choice between that and showing the match," added a mum. 

What would ban your guests from watching the match?

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